Watch New Assassin’s Creed Official Trailer 2 Released

Watch New Assassin’s Creed Official Trailer 2 Released

Assassin’s Creed is an upcoming movies which is soon going to be released on 12 December, 2016 worldwide. Recently, watch the new trailer of Assassin’s Creed movie which is released a few hours ago and is titled as Assassin’s Creed Official Trailer 2.

Assassin’s Creed is about who’s being shown as Assassin’s Creed blood. Assassin’s Creed is a 20th century Fox presents picture.

assassin's creed official trailer 2 screenshot

Here’s the transcript of the¬†Assassin’s Creed Official Trailer 2 released few hours ago.

Callum : Here to save myself.

An employee : I understand it’s your birthday party, says an employee.

Callum : It’s just getting started.

Alan Rikkin : His name is Callum Lynch, we’ve traced his blood line back 500 years to the Assassin’s Creed.

Sophia Rikkin : Cow, anyone in the world knows or cares about you, no longer exists.

Callum : What’s this place?

Sophia : This is your second chance.

Callum : What do you want from me?

Sophia Rikkin : Your Past. You’re about to enter the Animus,what you see here and feel, are the memories of your ancestor, he’s been dead for 500 years. Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition.

A person : He was watching you play the seal you are.

Alan Rikkin : I believe, you are destined for great things.

Callum : Let’s find out.

Callum : Way our Assassins. I’m beginning to like this.

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